Kikudaki is an architectural design firm in Japan that is implementing the NFT Art Project.
The aim is the distribution of original drawings by the architects in the form of crypto art.
All artworks are original but unbuild and nonexistent objects in the real world.
However, they do exist in a enormous world, Web3.0 and in a personal world of the architect.

Decentraized. Archit. Opreration.
Kikudaki grants permission for reproduction and commercial use of NFT drawings to the owners.
Once you own the NFT drawings, you have no limit to use it for re-creation and commercial use under your own control.
Architects encourage the redistribution and reproduction of NFT drawings , so they may receive royalties.
This is an experimental project by architects based on each of your/our moral and dignity.

Owner Terms
We grant you rights private use & following commercial uses of the NFT drawings in your possession , unless the owner breaches these Owner Terms and Conditions.
・Reproduction in printed form without any image processing.
・Use as digital signage without any image processing.
・Product development inspired by NFT drawings.
・Designing buildings inspired by NFT drawings.
・To construct buildings inspired by NFT drawings.
・Other commercial use proposed by the owner and approved by kikudaki.
However, the owner has no copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights.
Kikudaki reserves the right to restrict the use of the NFT drawings to third parties including the Owner, by exercising its copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights.
Please understand , this is a safety valve against owners who do not abide by the rules.

・ Any use that is or may be contrary to public order or morality in any country.
・ Any use that violates or may violate the laws and regulations of any country.
・ Any use that is or may be abusive, violent, discriminatory, obscene, defamatory or inciting to such use.
・Any use that infringes or may infringe the rights of others.
・ Any use that damages the brand or image of kikudaki and NFT drawings.
・ Any use without stating and noting or explaining that the original is a Kikudaki.
・Registration of trademarks, copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights in kikudaki and its NFT drawings.
・All sales, transfers and other transactions not paying kikudaki 4.5% royalty.
・Any content that kikudaki independently deems inappropriate.
(without deductions of any kind)

When the owner sells or transfers NFT drawings, the amount paid by the transferee (without any deductions) multiplied by 4.5% is paid to Kikudaki as a royalty.
The owner and the transferee shall pay all fees associated with the transfer and such amounts shall not be deducted from the royalties.
Royalties should be paid in cryptocurrency (ETH) to the blockchain address specified by kikudaki.
Even where owners and transferees are free to set royalties, they may not trade at a royalty of less than 4.5%.

4:Transferring NFT drawings rights
(a): The owner should inform the prospective transferee prior to the transfer of rights that the transfer of rights is subject to compliance with these Owner Terms and Conditions.

(b):The owner should transfer the rights on a platform or marketplace that ensures a 4.5% royalty is paid to kikudaki.
An assignee who has transferred rights in a manner other than (b) agrees to comply with any request for royalty payment from kikudaki without any claim.

(c):NFT drawings obtained from third parties who have not paid a 4.5% royalty to Kiudaki are not permitted for either private or commercial use.
The transferee whose rights are transferred under (c) agrees to comply with any request from kikudaki to cease use and sale without any claim.

In the event that the assignee, transferee or any other third party suffers any damage in connection with the sale and use of the NFT drawings, the author and the kikudaki operator shall have no legal liability whatsoever, regardless of the cause of such damage.

The owner shall be deemed to have accepted these Owner Terms and Conditions in lieu of any written or verbal agreements.
You agree to be bound by these Owner Terms and Conditions when you purchase, sell or use the NFT drawing.